In A Magical Mood Special Events Disney Villains Nite 2022: Disneyland After Dark Special Event Review

Disney Villains Nite 2022: Disneyland After Dark Special Event Review

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It’s good to be bad at the newest Disneyland After Dark Event: Villains Nite at Disney California Adventure in March 2022. This after hours party featured an impressive list of rare Disney characters, a stage show with villains singing their hearts out, and a wild dance party hosted by Hades, Lord of the Underworld!

Meet and Greet with the Big Bad Wolf

Villains Nite was a separately ticketed event, which allowed guests to enter Disney California Adventure as early as 5 pm. The event itself ran from 8pm until midnight, so guests were able to enjoy the theme park for 7 hours total. Photopass is also included for all photos taken during the event too!

We highly recommend attending a Disneyland After Dark event if you are planning a Disney vacation. These special events are known for having extremely rare character meet and greets, fun themed photo opps, speciality treats, and unique entertainment. If you are not interested in any of these offerings, don’t worry! The line times for nearly all rides are low, making them the perfect chance to ride as many attractions as possible. The cost of this event was $134 per person, while a regular day ticket would range between $104 and $154.

Ursula hosts the Seaside Sing Along, the ultimate Disney Karaoke experience

Compared to other Disneyland After Dark events, Villains Nite offered the rarest Disney characters we had ever seen! However, the meet and greet lines did move slowly, so these took up more time than we liked. The entertainment options, both the Bald Mountain Night Club and the Seaside Sing Along hosted by Ursula, were fantastic and so unique! The food offerings were not as exciting as other events and many food items could not be Mobile Ordered, meaning longer waits for food. While this event wasn’t perfect, it was worth the cost to us!

Villains singing at the Bald Mountain Night Club

To experience Disney Villains Nite 2022 for yourself, watch our full video here

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